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Carsten Hentrich & Michael Pachmajer

Carsten Hentrich and Michael Pachmajer have been assisting companies with their move into the digital age. As Directors at PwC’s consulting branch, they are responsible for the firm’s digital transformation practice with a particular focus on the Family Business and Medium-Sized Companies segment. They are teaching MBA students on Digital Transformation at Goethe Business School in Frankfurt and they are authors of the book „d.quarks – The Path to Digital Business“, which received the Management Book of the Year Award 2016 and the getAbstract International Book Award 2017.

Sepehr Mousavi

During 2018, Sepehr Mousavi has been enlisted as one of the ’50 world’s most influential global smart city leaders’, one of the ‘Sweden’s top 33 sustainability personas’ and claimed no.19 of the top 101 ‘Swedish super talents’ list published by the leading Swedish business journal, Veckans Affärer. Sepehr is a sustainability strategist and smart city lead with an international and multi-cultural background. Associated with innovation companies, The United Nations and multiple standardization
organizations; he claims to strive for helping building a better world and more equal societies by expanding reach and access to sustainable and smart technologies.

Patrik Wincent

Patrik Wincent is an authorized therapist, he is a coach, a writer of five books such as “the digital drug”, “Nomophobia” and the “digital babysitter” amongst others. A lecturer and spoken word artist. Patrik Wincent comes from Sweden, Stockholm and is the founder of “Fondberg & Wincent”, a company with the main focus of offering counsel to people and companies who are dealing with digital stress and to offer education in how to prevent and recognize digital stress. Patrik Wincent is also the host of the popular tv program “Lyxfällan”, also founder of “Dataspelsakuten”, a company which is similar to Internetakuten, but deals with people who arestruggling with video gaming addiction.

Babou Olengha-Aaby

Babou Olengha-Aaby is the Founder & CEO of The Next Billion, a for impact driven enterprise on a mission to find ways to invest in and unlock the economic potential of the next billion women entrepreneurs, employers, manufacturers, producers and consumers. Also known as the Third Billion. Congolese born and mother of 3, Babou is a passionate advocate for female entrepreneurship and for greater diversity in business. She is a big believer in the collective power of one and of the crowd to affect positive change in the world. Through her work at The Next Billion, she’s conceived and launched initiatives such as Access2, ProfileMe, as well the social media campaign #WinningFacts #WinningEffects. Highlighting the benefits of investing in women. And In 2016, her company launched Globally Spotted a discovery platform with the aim of raising more visibility for women founded and led ventures globally. Babou is the proud recipient of an Honorary Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador Award, awarded to her at the IV European Congress of Small Business in 2014 in Poland. She is also an enterprise mentor, who champions and advises ‘business underdogs’ (i.e. SMEs, purpose driven companies, mature entrepreneurs and more precisely female entrepreneurs). She’s an experienced keynote speaker and TEDxWomen alumni. Most recently, she joined Forbes as a contributor, where she writes about inspiring companies founded and led by women worldwide. Those largely undiscovered by mainstream media. And why investing in them matters, why female entrepreneurship is no longer just a gender issue but an economic one. Why it’s a win-win for all.
Find out more at www.thenextbillion.global

Eirik Eidem

Problem finder, Engineer, Challenger, Consultant, Navy Officer and Technology maniac.
Eirik is on a mission to challenge traditional ways of thinking and status quo. He is continuously looking for new ways of thinking and working and test new stuff. He does not accept todays solutions and he loves to find problems. Eirik’s way of thinking has taken him through an untraditional career path with positions such as burger flipper, navy officer, teacher, management consultant and banker.

Anne Beate Hovind

Anne Beate Hovind is Project Director of Bjørvika Utvikling’s art programme in Oslo. She commissions and produces art in public spaces. She is currently putting her expertise in city planning of Oslo producing two internationally known art works Future Library by Scottish artist Katie Paterson and Flatbreadsociety by FutureFarmers (USA, Belgium). Both are durational, ambitious, large-scale, impactful and collaborative works. Over the past 20 years, Hovind has worked at the interface of art, culture and business and has lengthy experience working with stakeholders towards the shared vision of realizing complex and original projects.


Tone-Marie Wahlstrøm

Tone-Marie Wahlstrøm is a Financial Economist leading the Innovation Hub in the Nordics biggest IT company – EVRY. Working with innovation and the future of technologies is what drives her – especially when it’s combined with a team of different competencies and nationalities. In 1,5 years she has built a department focusing on innovation, technologies and intrapreneurship – creating the business of tomorrow for IVRY’s customers and the organization itself. This has changed the landscape of the company, and she will share how and why it’s important.

Øyvind Christian Rohn

“I am a 52 year old with 20 years’ experience as an executive in the Oil and Gas Industry. In 2016 I made a professional and personal leap into renewable energy, and co-founded Ocean Sun. Our goal at Ocean Sun is to transform the way solar power is developed and make cheap renewable energy available to millions living by inland reservoirs or the sea.”

Meet our Moderator:

Bram Timmermans

Following his academic degree in Economic Geography from the University of Utrecht, Bram Timmermans moved to Scandinavia to pursue his studies in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University in Denmark. His decision to move to Denmark was not the result of careful planning but rather a decision driven by the fact that at that time this was one of the few places that offered a program that specifically focusses on this topic.

While he expected to stay in Denmark and Scandinavia for only a couple of years, a set of personal and professional opportunities have kept him first in Denmark and led to his move further North to Norway. So while Dutch (and Limburgian) at heart he definitely feels that Scandinavia is his new home. His research interest focuses on understanding the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, in particular the role human capital plays in creating growth.

Since 2016, Bram Timmermans is working as an associate professor at the Department of Strategy and Management at NHH. In this position, he is responsible for the new Innovation and Entrepreneurship profile at NHH, New Business Development. Through this role he is a firsthand witness on the growing interest in innovation and entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial ambition of NHH, its students and the society at large.

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