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Ulrikke Falch

Ulrikke Falch is a 23 year old actress, author and activist from Norway. She gained fame from the Norwegian television show SKAM, in the role of Vilde Lien. Ulrikke uses her platform to spread awareness about eating disorders, mental health and feminism. She released a documentary called the F-word in 2019, a series depicting our attitudes towards gender and expectations for masculinity and femininity. Her main cause is to reveal structural and cultural convictions that contribute to maintaining traditional gender roles. (Photo by: Jonathan Vivaas Kise)

Christian Braathen

The ultimate challenge lies in unlocking the potential we have in our lives because our individual, collective, and cooperative abilities all restrict how well we are able to solve every other challenge in the world.

Both as a PhD Research Scholar at NHH and as an entrepreneur at Mycroft, Christian Braathen builds robots that find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems, enhancing our cooperative abilities in particular. As a full-time nerd, Christian makes frameworks that we can apply to excel in life and live up to our potential. In this talk, he will bring out this nerd and identify how the next generation of workers—Generation Z—is different from past generations, which challenges that involves, and how to unlock their potential in life. All this told through a simple framework.

Leila Rossow

Leila Rossow is an educated nurse with broad experience from multicultural work with children and adults throughout various positions. She is the founder of Papillon and co-founder of Support, Not Protect. Of French/Moroccan background, Leila moved to Norway twelve years ago. She considers her multicultural background and influence status in Bergen to be an important resource and a strength for her own identity. Leila naturally and genuinely believes in each human being and their unique resources.

Engaged in the local community, she was a Program Manager for Catalysts mentoring program for youth in Bergen (2018-2019). Her experience also encompasses the following positions: Nurse and Councelor for NGO Amathea (2018), Contributor to the series URO for Pandura Film, Panel Member of the Education and Integration Ministry of Integration in Norway (2018 – 2019), Jury Member for the diversity award for IMDI (2019), and Member of the Democracy Committee in Bergen (2017). 

Robin Dale Oen

Robin Dale Oen is a Norwegian swimmer who set several national records in swimming. He represented the Norwegian National Team for 10 years with finals in both the Europeans and the World Championships. Now, he is leading a not-for-profit foundation named The Dale Oen Experience, which aims at facilitating experiences and mastery among children and youth of all backgrounds. The foundation does so through tours, expeditions and other activities in Norway’s long fjords and high mountains – with a focus on technology and science. The Dale Oen Experience has become one of the biggest foundations in Europe with around 30,000 visitors a year, 10,000 youth participants, 2 science ships,  and 2 permanent locations. Robin’s initiative has also its own YouExplore Academy with participants from several countries, including Norway, US and Russia.

Barbara Salopek

Barbara Salopek has been working with innovation for more than a decade. As founder and CEO of Vinco Innovation, she is dedicated to help companies become true innovators. To her, innovation is not only about establishing innovation processes but also about having the right corporate culture and attitude, while understanding the whole innovation ecosystem.  

Born and raised in Zagreb, Barbara is a double master’s graduate from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). She has experience in innovation and commercialisation, working as a leading business developer and board member for many startups. 

Barbara has written numerous funding applications to bodies like Norway’s Research Council (Norsk Forskningsråd) and Innovation Norway, raising more than 20 Million Kroners. She has also worked in project management, and her expertise lies in business development, specifically in designing strategy and integrating innovation while drawing up business plans.

She is a licensed technology transfer professional educated in innovation management in a global business perspective from BI Oslo, University of California, Berkeley and Stanford. Barbara has held courses on innovation and business modeling and is often chosen to be a mentor for budding entrepreneurs. She also teaches at Norwegian Business School BI and is a certified Prince2 Practitioner.

Puneet Kaur

Puneet Kaur is a medical doctor, specializing in internal medicine and hematology in Oslo. Since 2017, she has been a field worker working with Doctor without Borders. On her first mission to South Sudan, she posted as a flying doctor for 6 months. May 2018, she left for a project in Cox’s Bazaar, the southernmost state of Bangladesh, where she provided medical care for some of the nearly 1 million Rohingya that had fled from violence and torture. She has a strong belief that the access to evidence-based medicine should be a universal right, and has a burning passion for equality and fairness.    

Espen Myklebust

Espen Myklebust is a tech intrapreneur and has been heading Europe’s fastest-growing fintech company, Revolut, in the Nordics.

As a start-up enthusiast, he has previously co-founded the medtech, Testr Medical, that aimed to solve the global diabetes epidemic. Espen is also a previous TEDx organiser and passionate about promoting ideas that can change how we act, react and make decisions.

Meet our Moderator:

Tor Andreassen

Before joining the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in 2013, Dr. Tor Wallin Andreassen was a professor of marketing, Department Chair, and Associate Dean at BI Norwegian Business School. At NHH he is professor of innovation and has just stepped down as director for Center for Service Innovation – a Research Council of Norway funded 8 years research program. His research interests include innovation and value creation for digital service providers. He has been a Visiting Professor at Vanderbilt University, USA, University of Maryland, USA, University of Queensland, Australia, and a visiting scholar at Stanford University and University of Maastricht, NL. He has received pedagogical education and training from Vanderbilt University and Harvard Business School.

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