Talks of TEDxBergen 2015

Let's watch some videos!

Jean Fan – Taking a year on, not off

Jean Fan is the Director of Community at UnCollege, an organization that helps people take control of their education through its flagship Gap Year program. In the past, Jean has volunteered at fashion shows, worked at a hackerspace, and led a design initiative. She is currently taking time off from Stanford University to work, learn and travel.

John Barrett – An Internet of (Im)Possible Things

John Barrett is a Director of the Nimbus Centre at Cork Institute of Technology where research focuses on real world applications of the Internet of Things. His talk focuses on real world applications of the Internet of Things and how we can use these new technologies to improve our lives and society.

Pellegrino Riccardi – Cross cultural communication

Pellegrino Riccardi being a cross cultural expert, is sharing with us his personal and professional experience about how do very different cultures can successfully coexist next to each other. Is it difficult to live in Norway, being an expat? Do you know how to establish the mutual understanding between Italian and Norwegian?

Christopher Hoftun – Drilling on Mars

Christopher Hoftun co-founded the Mars Institute in Norway after he conducted a study of planetary drilling at the Mars Institute, at NASA Ames Research Center, California, USA. Mr. Hoftun is also the Principal Investigator for a new plasma drilling system under development (PLASMARS) by the Zaptec, Inc company and the European Space Agency (ESA). The plasma- drill that will enable deep subsurface access on asteroids, Mars and its moons for in-situ science investigation sampling and exploration.

Sunniva Rose – Could Nuclear Weapons Save the Planet?

Sunniva Rose is a Norwegian physicist and blogger. She is a PhD Candidate in nuclear- and energy physics at the University of Oslo where she researches the use of thorium in nuclear power plants. She holds a master’s degree in physics and her current research focuses on how to reduce the amount of radioactive waste by 90 percent by combining thorium with highly enriched uranium.

Nico Rose – How to be the architect of your own fortune

Nico Rose is a German organizational psychologist and holds a doctoral degree in business administration. Most recently, he was part of the 9th cohort of University of Pennsylvania´s Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program. In his main occupation, Nico is Head of Employer Branding at Bertelsmann, Europe´s premier media corporation. Since 2008, he also works as a freelance management coach. In 2010, he was awarded with the German “Coaching Award”.

Romain Quidant – Screening cancer from a single drop of blood

Romain Quidant is the leader of the Plasmon Nano-Optics group at ICFO (Barcelona), where he studies the interaction between nanoparticles and light. At less than 40, he is acknowledged as one of the world leaders of his field and has published several of his contributions in the best known scientific journals including Science and Nature. Romain has recently come into the public light after leading the invention of a Nanochip capable to detect cancer in a cheap, fast and versatile way. He will explain us how his research could improve our life quality in a not so distant future. He was granted the 2012 ICO prize by the International Commission for Optics for his overall contribution to light science.

Max Gouchan – Challenges for young entrepreneurs

Max Gouchan believes that one can acquire success through entrepreneurship and that education is not necessary the right way for everyone. After dropping out of high school and starting a supply company to the petroleum sector, Max has become one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Norway.