Talks of TEDxBergen

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Shahrzad Kiavash – I am my own Super Hero

Shahrzad Kiavash was suffering from a disease that almost took her life, and in March 2012 her legs had to be amputated. In November the same year, she could take a few faltering steps with the help of crutches. In early October 2013, she managed a few hours without a wheelchair. This year, she competed in triathlon in the Paralympics in Rio.

Lars AP – Become an everyday artist: Be f***ing flink!

Lars AP created a movement called ‘Fucking Flink’ in Denmark (“flink” is Danish for friendly). He is hell-bent on helping the Danes – the world’s happiest people – also become the world’s friendliest people – at home, at work or at the bus stop.

Anita Bui – Why embark on a zero waste journey

Anita Bui is one of the founders of the first zero-waste shop in Bergen, Råvarene. Let’s find out how she embarked on a zero waste journey, why she took the steps to redefine herself and how our everyday actions matter. Anita is also our fellow NHH & CEMS programme alumni.

Donnie Lygonis – How Norway became the most innovative country in the world

Donnie Lygonis is an expert on innovation from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He helps bright students of KFT to commercialize their ideas and makes startups succeed. He has just returned from 10 months in Silicon Valley working out on the Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto. Donnie is also an avid TEDxster, with 3 talks under his belt.

Himanshu Ardawatia – Creativity, impact and sustainable development

Himanshu Ardawatia is the founder of Colors From The World, a Bergen based social venture that uses an innovative business model to improve educational prospects for children around the world.Himanshu has worked with sustainability for several years with a passion to create disruptive solutions for sustainable development. He aims to help under-resourced schools get relevant and much needed educational resources by using business thinking and the creativity of children.

Petter Merok – How the Cloud can help you change the world?

Petter Merok is the director of the Cloud division at Microsoft Norway. Cloud computing is a big shift from traditional IT resources’ view: it is cheaper, faster, more effective and reliable. Who, if not one of the biggest IT companies, could give us insight on how cloud computing disrupts the industry standards?

Kåre Bottolfsen – Leap of Faith

Kåre Bottolfsen co-founded his company called TicketCo in 2011 in Bergen. They started selling tickets in 2013, and in only six months their sales had increased 23 times! He is coming to TEDxBergen to promote entrepreneurship and to encourage us to follow our dreams.

Caroline Westblom – Why every action in the fight against climate change counts

Caroline Westblom is a founding member of PUSH Sweden, a network and platform where youth can meet and empower each other to take action to combat climate change and advocate for sustainability. Driven by the belief that we each have a role to play in bringing about the changes we want, she has been working to influence politics, ensure young people’s voices are heard at global climate summits and mobilize people to take action against polluting industries.